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Pompa CO2 Continental Mărește

Pompa CO2 Continental


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Continental C02 Inflator set
CO2 cartridges are an option some cyclists prefer when it comes to inflating tires while out and about.They are small metal cylinders that hold highly pressurised carbon dioxide gas. They come with an adaptor which connects to the cartridge which in turn allows the cartridge to connect to the pump.CO2 cartridges are a fantastic tool because; they quickly and easily inflate a tire that has gone flat. Literally in a matter of seconds.

In addition to this in the case of road bike tires, CO2 cartridges provide inflation to the high PSI air pressure that can be difficult to achieve with many regular pumps.To use them the cyclist first takes the inflator/adaptor head which screws down onto the cartridge. This seals the adaptor onto the cartridge while breaking the seal in the cartridge itself. Then by placing the adaptor head on the valve of the bike tire, the cyclist can, by either twisting or pushing down on the inflator head, transfer the highly pressurised CO2 into the tire, causing it to rapidly inflate.One cartridge will generally inflate one tyre to the desired pressure.

A thinner road bike tyre can usually be inflated to around 130psi while a thicker road bike tyre usually goes up to around 60psi.Some very wide (higher volume tubes and tyres) such as those used by downhill mountain bikers might require more than one cartridge but generally they run at lower pressure so its normally fine.

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